I have been around the industry of Network Marketing my entire life, even before I was born, having attended my first Network Marketing event in my mothers womb.

Since the age of 5 I got involved in personal development, listening to cassettes of Jim Rohn and Larry Thompson as well as some of the Amway material. My father took me all over the world whilst building his Network Marketing business to over 156,000 distributors in 34 countries!

After joining the industry in 2010 I focused on building my business using just social media, in particular, Facebook. I had not intended on speaking in front of rooms of over 1,000 people, but it happened, and I fell in love with the fact that I could help other people with the golden nuggets they would jot down on their pieces of paper!

I have spoken at a number of company events in places like – London, Miami, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Jamaica, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Milan, Rome, Venice, Hamburg, Moscow, Bangkok and some other cities in Central Asia such as Astana, Almaty and Aktau.

My main focus is on showing teams of people involved in Network Marketing the following:

  • Your Social Media Daily Method of Operation So You And Your Team Has A Solid Plan Moving Forward
  • How To Never Run Out Of People To Talk To
  • Why You Need To Focus On A Long Term Network Marketing Career (lessons from an 8 figure industry earner)

Because the way the World and Industry is today I also do a lot of Zoom calls, Facebook Lives, and Webinars for groups inside of Network Marketing.

You can get a taster of the sort of content I provide by checking out the video below:

If you are interested in having me speak at your next team or company event, whether it be online or live, contact me on any of the details below.

Frazer Brookes

Email: info@frazerbrookes.com
Phone: +447837878701
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fbrookes



“We recently had Frazer Brookes come and speak to a large group of leaders and distributors at our event. He did phenomenal! The content he shared inspired and empowered all those there. What he taught regarding the industry and social media is very relevant and is something that everyone is going to need to know. One of the reasons he connected with the crowd was because he is authentic and real!

It is obvious he is teaching from experience as someone who has done it. He did it with energy and passion, and in a neutral way with love towards the industry. I’m always a little nervous bringing in someone new, especially when there will be translation, but even with translation it was smooth and there wasn’t a problem following his training.

Anyone thinking of having someone come speak at an event who can teach and share on how to not get left behind on social media by using it properly. I would highly endorse and recommend Frazer Brookes. I’m know we will have him come again. I was very impressed!

Byron Belka, CEO & Founder Rain International

Having Frazer as a guest speaker was just amazing. He did 2 talks for our team and the feedback we had was incredible, both from the leaders and from the new distributors. I already knew he was great but I never saw him speak live. I was just mind blown!! We actually booked him right away and will continue to do so. Events are key to our business and Frazer is one of the best.

João Magalhães, Top Leader Lyconet Portugal 

Frazer Brookes is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very lucky to have during our conference in 2017. The material truly resonated with our audience, the value he provides is incredible, modern and most importantly current. He is fantastic. Combining humour, examples, and an informal presentation, he has passed the tips, knowledge and different techniques our audience could take-away and use within their business straight away. The whole presentation kept our audience engaged and fired up. He is definitely the speaker like no others and any one who uses social media within their business will benefit from his experience tremendously. We will definitely stay in touch and have Frazer during our future events.

Anita Sieniuc, CEO FM World UK

I recently invited Frazer to my home in Las Vegas to be one of our key speakers for the first ever Social Media Summit. He has absolutely cracked the code when it comes to creating engagement, conversation, connection with your audience… whatever that audience is. I was so impressed that he will be one of our speakers at GoPro Recruiting Mastery this year.

Eric Worre, CEO & Founder of Network Marketing Pro