How To Do A Powerful 3 Way Call

How To Do A Powerful 3 Way Call It is so important that you are doing 3 way calls with your upline. My father told me when I started, Frazer, people succeed in Network Marketing because they do 3 way calls, and people fail in Network Marketing because they don’t do 3 way calls. In…

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3 Quick Social Media Ninja Tips

⭐️3 QUICK NINJA TIPS⭐️ ✅ TIP ONE: Emojis Adding emojis to your status and/or replies increases engagement by up to 33% An emoji isn’t just a thumbs up, smiley face or laughing face, but 📈🔥⭐️💥😎👌🏻✅🍺🤑🍣🏆 ✅ TIP TWO: Replies When anyone replies to your post, be sure to reply to them, not only does it increase engagement,…

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How To Build A Team Full Of Winners

Building a team full of winners is not easy… …but it can definitely be done! In most peoples organisations they will find the best people are towards the top, and the deep you go the worse it gets. What I mean by that is: Less people attend the events Less people have customers Less people…

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