How To Get The Vision

My father always told me: “Frazer, you don’t need good eyesight to have good vision” Thank god for that… My eyesight is rubbish! I noticed throughout my years in this industry, as well as my fathers, that the people with the long term vision ended up being the ones who made the most money. They…

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How To Handle Objections

Imagine you are a Gladiator. You are about to step out into the Colosseum in front of thousands of people, you have your sword, and no shield. Your opponent swings his sword, and you have nothing to protect you… …you die! The same happens in Network Marketing. Ok, you won’t die, but it will hurt.…

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How To Get Rid Of Negativity

I really struggled before I got started in Network Marketing. I was shy, introverted, had really low self-esteem, hated my appearance, didn’t like the sound of my voice, and was always worried what others thought about me… …then it all changed. I made 3 very simple changes which had a gigantic impact on my life,…

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