How To Create A Social Media Routine

Having a daily routine when building your Network Marketing business using Facebook will massively improve your chances of recruiting more reps and acquiring more customers. In fact, if you don’t, you will struggle… Network Marketing is a serious business done in a fun way. That’s a good thing, and a bad thing. Some are super…

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How To Make Money Even When Your Prospect Says “NO”!

I get it, its hard, approaching people you know only to get a big fat “NO”. I have been there, being frustrated with all the rejection and negativity from loved ones, people who I had thought would be interested and do well. But I had a breakthrough, and in this video below I will share that with…

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How To Boost Your Confidence In Your Network Marketing Business

In Network Marketing people join those who are bold and confident. The issue is, the majority of people are not! So we have to change that… I was someone who was super shy, had very low self esteem and as a result, a lack of confidence. My father, who was my upline, couldn’t really help…

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