How To Get Rid Of Negativity

I really struggled before I got started in Network Marketing. I was shy, introverted, had really low self-esteem, hated my appearance, didn’t like the sound of my voice, and was always worried what others thought about me… …then it all changed. I made 3 very simple changes which had a gigantic impact on my life,…

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How To Do A Powerful 3 Way Call

How To Do A Powerful 3 Way Call It is so important that you are doing 3 way calls with your upline. My father told me when I started, Frazer, people succeed in Network Marketing because they do 3 way calls, and people fail in Network Marketing because they don’t do 3 way calls. In…

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3 Quick Social Media Ninja Tips

⭐️3 QUICK NINJA TIPS⭐️ ✅ TIP ONE: Emojis Adding emojis to your status and/or replies increases engagement by up to 33% An emoji isn’t just a thumbs up, smiley face or laughing face, but 📈🔥⭐️💥😎👌🏻✅🍺🤑🍣🏆 ✅ TIP TWO: Replies When anyone replies to your post, be sure to reply to them, not only does it increase engagement,…

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