How To Recruit More Reps Without Prospecting

Whether you just started out as a Network Marketing professional but don’t want to harass your family members and friends with your business opportunity, or you just ran out of your warm market but hate the idea of cold market prospecting, this blog post is for you.

In fact, I’m going to show you the exact step-by-step strategy to attract UNLIMITED prospects to you and NEVER run out of people to talk to about your business.

Since 2010, I have been building my Network Marketing business using social media, mainly using Facebook. I have seen almost everything that doesn’t work and realised that there are actually only a few ways that do work.

In this blog post I will be sharing with you the first step in the process.

I will be giving you your very own social media operation, something I like to call the “Facebook Facelift“.

Before we go in to it, let me begin by letting you know WHY it is so important to have an attractive profile page. So, imagine when you are trying to find someone and you reach their profile page, the first thing you do without realising (some of you realise you do it) is you judge their personality by the things you see straight away.

If you see someone drinking a beer most of the time you might associate him or her with being a party animal.

If you see them with a pet then you might think they are animal lovers.

If you see them with a girl or boy, you might think that they in a relationship – who knows, it could be their brother or sister!

My point is, people judge others by what they see. We don’t only just judge personality but we also judge lifestyle.

Facebook is such a big part of many peoples’ lives now that we check it before we even get out of bed. In fact there have been a number of reports that state that 79% of us check Facebook before leaving bed in the morning!

With that being said, people are posting photos, videos, statuses, check-ins, and all sorts to showcase their lives to the public.

Therefore, if someone happens to land on your profile page, it needs to be attractive enough to keep people hooked on what you are all about and follow your lifestyle! Why? Well, with an attractive profile comes the following:

Likeability; people end up liking you even if you haven’t even spoken to each other, this then results in more followers/friends.

Virality; people share attractive things, the more people share, the more your content gets seen, the more followers/friends you will get.

Attention; people will pay attention to your posts more, resulting in engaged followers/friends.

It is pretty obvious that you need to build an attractive profile if you want to succeed online, and to do this is actually really simple, and costs nothing!

Pay close attention to the following “Success Steps” as your online efforts through Facebook could dramatically change!

I cover this entire blog post in video on video 2 of my 4 Day MLM Challenge, I share my screen and show you exactly what I mean by each success step. To watch my 4 part video series, enter your information above!

Success Step #1 Understand who you are and keep your message very clear!

As you now appreciate all eyes will now be on your profile and what you post, as it is how people judge our personalities and lifestyle these days online. So, ask yourself these two questions: “Who am I?” and “What do I want to portray?”

Are you an online marketer, singer, artist, athlete, network marketer, comedian, jetsetter, family person etc. Be clear and don’t confuse your message, as you will end up confusing the people looking at you (your profile is you right now).

It is also very important that you should not be scared what others think, if you do, then you will get nowhere, both online and offline.

Finally, whenever you post a photo, video or a simple status update, always ask yourself the simple question of:

“Does this go in line with the image I am trying to portray?”

Over time the people that have been following you will think;

“(Name) has changed a lot, I would love to know what they are up to now, maybe I will reach out and find out!”

Those people that have just come across your profile will think;

“This (Name) character seems like someone I should be following, maybe I reach out and find out more!”

Success Step #2 Choosing a Relevant Profile Picture!

So one of the first things a person sees when they visit your profile is your profile picture.

Not only that, but its what people see when you comment on a photo, video or status, and when you share something, or you write a new status its what people see next to your name on their Facebook Wall.

You can’t really change your name, but you can certainly change your profile photo.

What you really want is for someone to recognise your posts by your photo and not your name!

This is the first step to branding on your Social Media, not just Facebook!

Be sure not to use the following:

  • Group Photos: don’t do this, no one will know which one is you so wont be able to relate to you.
  • Pet Photos: unless it’s the image you are trying to portray, don’t include your pet in the photo, the focus should all be on you.
  • Couple Photos: again, the focus should be on you, its important. You can mention your partner in the relationship section. What happens if you keep changing boyfriends or girlfriends, think about it?
  • Fake Photos: don’t fake it until you make it. Be real, don’t edit it, don’t hire a jet or car and pretend that you own it – you would be surprised some of the people I have helped that have used a fake photo.

With that all being said, the best thing to do is use a headshot, keep it simple, and keep it in line with what you are trying to portray remember!

If you are arty or athletic then have a profile picture displaying that. If you are a professional (online or offline) look smart, maybe even put a suit on and smile.

Some people even go a step beyond and are clever with what they wear, for instance, if you have a light skin tone, wear a dark shirt, if you have a dark skin tone then wear a light shirt!

Best thing to do is to avoid the about bullet points, have a giant smile, no distracting background, no distraction foreground, and it just be of you. Headshots do work best, look at Eric Worre’s page, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki for examples.

Success Step #3 Be Bold With Your Cover Photo

The biggest part of your profile in terms of size is your cover photo.

Obviously the first two things that are seen by someone on your profile is the cover photo and profile picture. It is important that you make them as bold, clear and professional as possible (if that’s the image you are going for).

Please note, that at the time of writing this blog post, Facebook cover photos are displayed at 851 wide by 315 high.

This might mean nothing to you, but just use a free pixel resizing website (use if you don’t know a site).

Be sure to be consistent with your profile picture. I mean don’t have a professional profile picture and then have a cover photo of you going wild at a party; people will get confused.

If you are a speaker at events, then have a professional headshot profile picture and then maybe a photo of you speaking at an event as your cover photo. By doing this, almost instantly your visitors will be thinking, “I wonder what they do?”

Taglines are good too.

Lets say you are an athlete, and have a cover photo of you on the starting block of the 100m sprint. Then why not have a tagline like, “Going for Gold!” or something, all depends on the image you are trying to portray to attract the right people in to your social circle.

Oh, and by the way, don’t put loads of text in your cover photo and distract from the rest of your page. Keep it to less than 20% – remember, Facebook are strict so stick to their guidelines.

The aim of the game with building a business using social media is to build the rapport super fast, I did a video on this within my private Facebook group you can get access to completely free when you take part in my 4 Day MLM Challenge.

You can get one step ahead of the game by creating a cover photo that people look at and think “I am so similar” or “Wow, I want to be like that!”

In my 4 Day MLM Challenge I share how I have helped create professional cover photos for over 100 Network Marketers so far.

FREE: Learn How I Built A Team Of Over 22,000 Reps Using Free Social Media Strategies!

4 Part Video Series That Will Completely Change The Game For You And Your Team!

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Success Step #4 Remove Spam Posts, Applications and Unclear Messages!

One thing almost everyone hates are those annoying notifications or posts about Candy Crush or Farmville or one of those kind of games/applications.

Make sure nothing like that appears on your wall; it is a giant turn off.

You also don’t want people thinking that you are playing those games, remember, you have an image to portray.

Another thing to note is keep an eye on posts that people tag you in and/or post on your wall.

If you are trying to come across as a business person then you don’t want people posting videos of drag racing, street fights, or car crashes and all those different stuff like that.

Make your profile clean, and keep it that way. If people continue to post stuff on your wall, then reach out to them and let them know to stop it.

Just in case you didn’t know, you can simply press delete, hide from timeline, or remove tag on the posts on your wall.

Again, it all comes back to “Who Am I?” and “What image am I trying to portray?” Any posts that don’t tie in with that, delete it!

Success Step #5 Be Smart With Your “About Me” Section!

Although this part is not a highlight of your profile page it is still a place where you can make a major mistake.

Before I get to that though it is important that you be real with what you say and once again, ensure it goes hand in hand with the image you are trying to portray.

Don’t just write that you’re amazing, you’re an expert, you’re the funniest person alive; show the kind of person you are with clever writing.

So, the one major mistake people do with this section is they list their website, or they mention their website in the write up. This is an absolute “No No”.

Things like “Diamond Distributor at Company X” or “Affiliate for Product Y”.

Why? Simple really, but not many people really think about it.

Okay, so I visit your profile, think you are someone I want to be associated with, let’s say you are involved in Network Marketing. I am starting to wonder what company you are with and I notice a link to a certain companies website or company name. I review some of the information and move on. You have no idea what I have been thinking or that I have even visited your website.

Instead, you don’t put a website, simply a message like this; “On A Mission To Help 100 Families Lose 1000lbs In 2017, Ask Me How.” Now, when people contact you about what it is that you do, and then at least you know about their curiosity and can share your story, as well as sending them to the places you want them to go. You are now in control.

The About Me section is split into two sections, the introduction and information.

The introduction is where you get 140 characters to share a message like the one I stated above. Try to start off with “On A Mission To Help…” or “Helping People…”

People love others who are mission led, or doing things to help others.

The information is where you put down work related information and where you live and are from. Be clever about this.

Write CEO, Founder, Owner, Director, words of influence and importance, example, CEO of Network Marketing Professional, or Founder of Team Rhino. Whatever it might be, remember, you are the owner of your own business so you can give yourself any title you want!

Also be sure to write where you live and where you are from, people will be able to relate to that and you can create a conversation on the back of that.

I cover this section in much more details on video 2 of my 4 Day MLM Challenge, I share my screen and show you exactly what I mean by each success step. To watch my 4 part video series, enter your information above!

Success Step #6 Getting The Right Timing To Post!

This might seem a bit ridiculous, but getting the timing right when sending out your posts is important.

What is the point in sending a post when 100 people will see it, when that same post could be seen by 500 people.

We all have our very own “Facebook Rush Hour”.

This is when you have the most number of people you are connecting with online at any one time.

You can access this number in two ways:

  1. Using Desktop. On the right side of Facebook you will see a sidebar, towards the bottom it will say “MORE CONTACTS (XXX)” it is the number in the brackets that you need to pay attention to.
  2. Using Phone/Tablet. Within the Messenger App for Facebook, scroll down a bit on the Home section and it will say “ACTIVE NOW (XXX)” it is the number in the brackets that you need to pay attention to.

Keep track of this number, make a note on Monday to Sunday, morning, afternoon, evening and night.

You will soon know and understand what time on each day you have the most number of people active, it will be a rough estimate.

Then with that information you will create and send your post 1 hour before. Why?

Well imagine you are driving to work, rush hour is at 7am, if you leave at 6am you completely miss it, you beat the traffic. The same applies with this process.

If you get ahead of the traffic then the post is there for when people log on to Facebook at their usual time and then they will see it.

Planning is something almost no one does when it comes to their Facebook profile.

Be smart with the times of day that you are posting. Don’t post at 3am or 9am simply because people are either asleep or just getting in to work, and so your post might not get viewed by them. Bare this in mind when you are travelling with time differences too. From experience, 2pm and 9pm have seemed to be the best times to post.

Remember your own rush hour!

Success Step #7 Utilise Photos, Images and Videos!

As most of you know there are different types of posts you can make now on Facebook, like photos, videos, statuses, check-ins and life events.

Did you know, that depending on the time of day, Facebook will show you different types of posts?

They won’t show you as many videos during work hours because they know you won’t watch them, but after 7pm all the videos come out and your wall is covered in them!

First of all I want to talk about videos on Facebook. It is so easy to upload, you can literally do a video on your smart phone and upload it to Facebook within seconds.

Videos are well liked by Facebook, I mean if you go on to your Facebook wall now, you will probably see a video that starts to play, and if you don’t, you will if you scroll down a bit.

People like, comment and share videos and this causes it to be “viewed” by many people, including people you don’t even know.

So try it, shoot a video using your phone (in line with the image you are trying to portray) and upload it. Important, make sure to put your phone in landscape, so the phone is on its side, it will be seen by more people as it takes up less space on the Facebook news feed.

Use Facebook Live too! It is super powerful these days and nothing is more engaging, we will cover that in another blog post.

One thing to note is that if you are using YouTube then don’t attach the link in the status itself, post it in the comments box. By doing this more people will get to see your message.

Trust me, Facebook don’t like messages with YouTube links in the body of the message.

Secondly, I am a big fan of photo statuses.

I have tested out many posts in the past to see which got more traction, the one with just text, or the one with text and the photo. The photo always won.

So, what should be in your photos or images?

  • People: it is real, and you can’t fake it by finding an image on Google Images. Also, depending on what image you are trying to portray, it shows the human side of the business.
  • Quotes: people love seeing inspirational quotes. They often work well, and get shared, just make sure the wording along with it goes in line with what you are doing.
  • Events: if you attend an event, then capture it and share. Maybe you are speaking, sharing a story, or introducing someone, make sure someone gets that on camera; it will do you a world of good. Again, if you are posting links to external sites, be sure to put them in the comments box.

Lastly, real quick, Facebook check-ins are really cool, and powerful. Why? Because it shows off that you are on the move, at airports, sports stadiums, shopping, at events, concerts and so on. People seem to really like that and its really simple to do!

Success Step #8 What Should You Be Posting?

I know by now you are thinking, but I don’t know what I should be posting, I don’t want to look boring if I change the way I do things.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is:

“Frazer, I don’t know what to post, I am not creative!”

I took the time to create a very basic guideline and if you follow this you will be able to create content much easier than ever before.

Remember this. The more content you produce, the bigger the following you will create, the higher chance you have of going viral, and the more conversations you will end up having.

So, the guidelines.

Firstly, whatever you post must be in line with the image you want to portray. It must also attract your target market.

Secondly it has to be at least one of the following from my RVL formula.

R – Results – these posts are created to get you activity. You will post things like product before and afters, customer product reviews, distributor success stories or your own experience. It is important to know that you should NEVER mention the name of the company you are involved with, or the product name. Don’t give the game away, people should ask you for more information, after you have created the curiosity.

V – Value – these posts are created to help building your credibility. Become a note taking machine. Whether you are reading a book, attending an event, talking with your upline leader, or simply hearing some one else’s story, be sure to make notes. You can then use those notes to create value based posts that people will like, comment and share with others, as they believe it will be beneficial for their following. This will lead to more people eventually seeing your Results posts.

L – Lifestyle – these posts are created to help build your engagement. I have always said that lifestyle is for likes. You don’t have to be a jetsetter for this, you simply have to capture things you do throughout your life. Maybe you are at an event, on a beach, in a coffee shop, on a plane, reading a book or with a friend playing tennis, capture the moment, write something relevant and post it at the right time. You will get more engagement which, in time, will lead to more people viewing your Results posts.

It all is around the Results posts, you want people to take action on the information you send. But here is where most people mess it all up.

They just hammer their Facebook wall with Results based posts. They just sell.

Stop selling, and start telling. Telling stories will lead to much better results.

I tend to post 2-3 lifestyle posts, and 2-3 value posts per 1 results based post. People like people who are real and non-salesy. Think about it… Would you love to see your friends sales pitches, or would you love to listen to every call a telesales rep makes? No, so avoid doing this and you will be doing better than most.


I hope it is really clear now that you need to make a plan and stick to it.

Basically your goal is to create your profile in such a way to make sure everyone that comes across you gets a clear message of how you want them to see you. As Facebook is just a giant part of most people’s lives now it is very important you continue to ask yourself;

“Will this post be consistent with the message I am trying to portray?”

Eventually you won’t even need to think about it as it will become a habit.

You are probably now realising why you are not succeeding using Facebook. Attracting people to you and keeping them hooked on your lifestyle will eventually turn into sales as you are building trust between yourself and the user. Add to that a bit of engagement with your posts and sales will start rolling in.

Just make a point of it that from now on, you will follow the success steps above to ensure you do exactly what is needed in order to succeed!

If you feel like you got some value from this post then feel free to share this post with anyone you think might get benefit, remember, it would be a value post 😉

I cover this in video on video 2 of my 4 Day MLM Challenge, I share my screen and show you exactly what I mean by each success step. To watch my 4 part video series, enter your information above!


Frazer Brookes

FREE: Learn How I Built A Team Of Over 22,000 Reps Using Free Social Media Strategies!

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