How To Build A Team Full Of Winners

Building a team full of winners is not easy…

…but it can definitely be done!

In most peoples organisations they will find the best people are towards the top, and the deep you go the worse it gets.

What I mean by that is:

  • Less people attend the events
  • Less people have customers
  • Less people have team members
  • Less positivity
  • Less development

It just happens, in most cases the deeper you go, the less serious the people are.

However, the top income earners in the industry of Network Marketing have the opposite going on within their teams. The deeper you go, you will find some incredible people, and this is because they understand the influencer scale and how to help people get out of their comfort zone.

What is the influencer scale?

It works like this…

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being someone who has zero influence, and 10 being someone who has massive influence, where are you?

Influence is defined by:

Someone who has the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Who is the most influential person you can think of?

The Queen? Tony Robbins? Liverpool FC? (always got to give them a mention)

Well they are 10’s.

If Tony Robbins was to call me and say “Frazer, I have something for you, are you interested in taking a look?” what do you think my answer would be?

I would have said “YES” before he had even finished.

Well who is a 1 on the scale?

People who are homeless are usually the people on the lower end of the scale, and I don’t mean to sound harsh, but thats just reality.

So lets use the same question…

You are walking down the street, and a homeless person asks, “Frazer, I have something for you, are you interested in taking a look?” what do you think my answer would be?

In fact, I wouldn’t even answer, and kept walking, some people might even cross the street!

I hope you can understand the difference from one end to the other on the influencer scale.

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Where are you on the influencer scale?

Everyone is at a different stage, especially when starting out.

You just have to identify where you think you are on the scale.

One important thing to note, is that you can always improve your position on the scale, and the best way to do this is to network and seriously plug into personal development.

The majority of the people reading this blog post will be anywhere from 2-6 on the scale, you are looking for ways to build your business, thats maybe why you are here on my website.

Remember, Network Marketing is all about leverage so you don’t need to be an influencer to build a massive global business.

When I got started I was, at best, a 3 on the influencer scale, but more about that in a bit.

I am going to show you exactly how you can build a team of winners in your network marketing business.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around” Jim Rohn

The above quote is so true, and super relevant in the influencer scale.

When you go down to your local pub, the people you have a pint of beer or glass of wine with are probably similar on the scale to you. So you might talk about the same sort of stuff. For men, it will be women, cars and football. For women, it could be, shopping, men, family, fashion, shoes, shopping, holidays, tv shows, shopping, I’m just kidding.

Anyway, the point is the people you spend the most time with usually are similar to you on the scale, you might listen a bit more to the one you think is a big higher, and pay less attention to the one who is a bit lower (on the scale of course).

I know it might all sound a bit ridiculous or snotty, but its just the way it is.

So, now you have your scale, and I am going to show you what happened to me.

  1. Me

I was a 3, and the first calls I made, were the lads I went to the pub with, they were also (at the time) 2’s and 3’s, so they listened to me, and actually I joined.

I had my list of contacts, it was 137 people long, and I wrote the number 1-10 next to each name, it was my own assessment but it gave me something to track and monitor.

The people who were 4’s on the scale I had created for myself were also good calls, I didn’t mind speaking to them, but in the early days my posture was awful, so they all said “NO” to me.

I was then scared to make the calls to the people who were 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

But there is a way to be clever with this entire process. You have to adapt your invite depending on the person you are speaking to.

I will cover that inside of the video!

As time went on, and I started to build my business online, I was climbing the influencer scale, I noticed more people listening to what I had to say, after about 12 months I was a 5 on the scale (in my opinion).

Then I realised something…

If I was prepared to have a solid posture, get over the fear of speaking to those above me on the scale, and have the correct invitation then I could start creating a team of people who have more influence than myself.

If I was now a 5, then most of the time I am speaking to people who are 3’s, 4’s and 5’s, and what are those people then doing?

Well the 3’s are talking to 2’s and 3’s and the 4’s are talking to 3’s and 4’s.

My team is getting worse, from an influencer point of view!!!! 

But if I decided to get out of my comfort zone and approach 6’s, and 7’s and helped other to do the same thing, then the 6’s would approach 7’s, the 7’s would speak to 8’s, the 8’s would contact the 9’s and the 9’s could reach out to the 10’s.

My team is getting better, from an influencer point of view!!!!


In my organisation, I had a number of 10’s, and one group went from 1 person to 10 people in about 9 months, the 10th person to join, was a 9 or 10, and she built a team of over 10,000 people in the next 13 months.

It might take some time, as not all the people above you in the influencer scale will listen, that’s just the reality of it all, but it only takes one or two who duplicate and eventually you will reach the 10’s.

If you have gotten value from this post feel free to comment and share with anyone you think it might benefit.


Frazer Brookes

FREE: Learn How I Built A Team Of Over 22,000 Reps Using Free Social Media Strategies!

4 Part Video Series That Will Completely Change The Game For You And Your Team!

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