3 Quick Social Media Ninja Tips


✅ TIP ONE: Emojis

Adding emojis to your status and/or replies increases engagement by up to 33%

An emoji isn’t just a thumbs up, smiley face or laughing face, but 📈🔥⭐️💥😎👌🏻🍺🤑🍣🏆

✅ TIP TWO: Replies

When anyone replies to your post, be sure to reply to them, not only does it increase engagement, but it also improves the Facebook edgerank with the person.

Also, many people will appreciate the fact you had the time to reply.

✅ TIP THREE: Like The Profile Photo

When you accept someone’s friends request, be sure to go to their profile page, click their profile photo, and like/heart/wow it.

This does absolute wonders to the Facebook edgerank.

There are 3 quick Ninja tips for you to start implementing in your every day Facebook activities!


Frazer Brookes

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